Reese Allen

VP and Co-Founder with 15 years experience as Mechanical Engineer and Quality Manager.

Vice President/Mechanical Engineer

Our VP, co-founder, and quality manager, Reese also applies his 15 years of experience as a mechanical engineer to help solve problems. He graduated with his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington.

True to his passion, Reese was an early adopter of hobbyist 3D printing and cobbled together his first printer in 2011. Although he no longer has the original 2011 printer, its parts have been repurposed into a better one that's still in use today. This is a reflection of what he loves most about his job, which is designing and building complex mechanical systems.

Reese is named as an inventor on six patents related to additive manufacturing, as well as one patent related to automated drilling and fastening for aerospace applications.

Reese also grows his own chili peppers, for which he designed a hydroponic garden system that runs in his kitchen year-round. He also enjoys road cycling, and is definitely the best electric unicycle rider at the company.

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