We love solving hard problems.

That’s why we have experts with a variety of capabilities. From planning to implementation, we focus on simple and precise solutions.

Machines & Automation

We build innovative machines that save space and manual labor. Every aspect of our automation services ensures clients receive a product that minimizes risk and accelerates production for a manufacturing process that results in prime scalability and uptime.

(Perellion was) selected for their creative engineering and expertise in complex automation, and ease of collaboration.

Program Manager at a Fortune 100

Custom Machine Tools

Clean sheet design to customer's specifications

Robotic Systems

Fully integrated systems with custom engineered end-effectors

Composite Automation

Elegant solutions for improved composite part throughput and cost

Additive Manufacturing

Enabling the next generation of manufacturing capabilities

This team has some of the best resumes around for automated aircraft assembly.

CTO at an aerospace prime

Aerospace & Defense

With top-of-the-line precision and some of the best engineers in the industry, we lead innovation in aerospace and defense machinery.

Aerospace deep-dive

Wing and Fuselage Assembly

Assembly tooling and material handling

Final Assembly Lines

Positioning systems, ergonomic access solutions, and integrated metrology

Composite Fabrication

Automated layup and trimming operations

Drilling and Fastening

Robotic systems and custom machine tools

Manufacturing & Logistics

We believe in exploring all possibilities before deciding on the safest, smartest, and most cost-effective solution. Our pragmatic team tests for all parts of material management, planning, and execution.

Overall, everyone is quite happy. (This is a) major upgrade in that process.

Senior Engineer at electric aviation company

Assembly Lines

Integrating subsystems together into a finished product

Layout and Material Flow

Planning out your factory to meet rate efficiently

Material Handling

AGVs, positioners, and overhead lifting equipment

Assembly Tooling

Fixtures, jigs, and assembly aids

You definitely got us where we needed to go. Thank you for your help on this.

Lead engineer at a food automation company

Engineering Services

Each project has its own unique challenges and solutions. That’s why every project is assigned an engineer who leads design, manufacturing, procurement, and programming, and maintains consistent communication.

Design for Manufacturing

Taking prototype designs to production readiness

Factory Layout Planning

Making the most efficient use of the space available

Automation Feasibility

Identifying where automation can add the most value

Process Development

Helping customers develop and refine process parameters

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Some of the cleanest and clearest reports I’ve seen.

Blue Origin Stress Analyst