Drew Felker

Business Development & Consultant with Perellion since October 2020.

Business Development/Consultant

Drew is one of our co-founders and has been aiding us in business development since October of 2020. He has his bachelor’s in materials engineering.

Drew graduated with a BS in Materials Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo but figured out pretty quickly that he enjoys the relationship side of work more than research and development. He has 10 years of experience helping to start and grow companies. His favorite part of work is figuring out ways to solve customers' problems and get them what they need. He says, “Seriously, that's what I love to do.”

Drew is so awesome, he only realized recently that he has 9 patents according to Google and one more that has been submitted.

He’s helped start 5 companies doing everything from rockets, to advanced radar, energy compliance, carbon sequestration, and aerospace automation—4 of which are still running today. One of them recently built their first rocket engine, which is cooler than cool.

He has a giant husky malamute named Chaos. His name is befitting—he bit through 2 cages before Drew got one strong enough to hold him.

Drew has an 18 month old daughter and according to him, he’s become delightfully boring outside his home and enjoys working and playing with her and the dog. For the record, we don’t think Drew is boring.

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