Patrick Brewer

Project Manager & Mechanical Engineer with Perellion since March 2021.

Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer

Patrick has been working as both a project manager and mechanical engineer with us since March 2021. He graduated with his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from University of Washington, and his specializations includes:

  • Precision, automated positioning systems
  • Stress analysis
  • Project management
  • Estimating

He says, “I love that the work is full of variety. Each new project is unique and draws on different aspects of engineering, which keeps things interesting and engaging.” Solving problems that have no obvious solution and coming up with simple and elegant solutions are also highlights of the job for him.

Patrick loves being outdoors. His hobbies involve skiing, hiking, climbing, sailing, and hunting. He’s also a bit of a musician and plays saxophone in his free time. While there are many unicycle riders, he is definitely the best in the company on the giraffe unicycle. As a way to give back to the outdoor community, Patrick is a member of Seattle Mountain Rescue.

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